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outros projetos


Video art made in collaboration with Kino Lopes and Xavier Braun.

Premiered at Frestas Telúricas #12.

O espaço ecoa

A Sonic Hauntology project developed throughout musitec2.

Max patch developed in order to create a virtual acoustic space out of up to five different IR measures. The patch also controls the spatial disposition and mix among spaces through an automation responsive to the sound input; there is also a compressor controlled feedback to each space, turning the sound input into a feedback inciter rather than a protagonist itself. The project focused on an aesthetic exploration of the potentiality of a telematic interaction.


A Aranha Tem Uma Mosca Dentro Da Cabeça

Free improvisation album in collaboration with the composer Kino Lopes.

Bruno Cunha - Clarinet, mix and master

Kino Lopes - Electric Guitar

Xavier Braun - Video

Pedro Menezes - Recording

Uira Ryker - Album cover


Minulost v Dnešku/The Presence of The Past

Artistic research in collaboration with the HERA Sound Memories project regarding the influence of the past in contemporary music.

Max/MSP Patches

I develop Max patches, as featured in my clarinet and live electronics performances as well as some of my electroacoustic pieces.


Csound - sound synthesis

I program a lot of sound synthesis on Csound, where I am able to generate sound samples for most of my electroacoustic pieces.

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